The Central District consists of the City of Butler and the townships of Butler and Center.

Central District Chair: Bill Halle

Phone: 724-504-3458

Butler City 1

Bill Halle

Deborah Halle

Butler City 2

William Lucas

Butler City 3

Jeff Double

Mary Jane Double

Butler City 4-1

Patrick Casey

Butler City 4-2

Stephanie Steiger

Butler Twp. 1-1

Michael Beamer

Tiffany Keffalas  

Butler Twp 1-2

Ed Natali

Julie Natali

Butler Twp. 3

C. Michael English

Marci Mustello

Butler Twp. 4

Ryan Martin

Nicole Collins

Butler Twp. 5

Jim Lockhaiser

Fontaine Graham

Butler Twp. 6/So

Bob Craig

Joan Craig

Center Twp. 1

Eric Hulick

Kylie Hulick

Center Twp. 2

Thomas Davidson

Barbara Davidson

Center Twp. 3

Ron Flatt