126 Duly Elected Committee members

  1. William J. Ferguson, Adams Twp 1
  2. J. Dayle Ferguson, Adams Twp 1
  3. David Wick, Adams Twp 2
  4. Sallie Wick, Adams Twp 2
  5. Bill Sommers, Adams Twp 3
  6. Rebecca Brown, Adams Twp 3
  7. Marty Best, Allegheny Twp
  8. Richard Hutchison, Brady Twp
  9. Darlene Covert, Brady Twp
  10. Michael J. Oehling, Jr. Buffalo Twp. 1
  11. Jeanne Bauman Swaskoski, Buffalo Twp. 1
  12. Daniel Ritter, Buffalo Twp. 2
  13. Lisa Kelly, Buffalo Twp. 2
  14. Deb Halle, Butler City 1
  15. Fred Bicker, Butler City 3
  16. Deb Bicker, Butler City 3
  17. Patrick M. Casey, Butler City 4-1
  18. Kathleen S. Moore, Butler City 4-1
  19. Aaron Cameron, Butler City 4-2
  20. Kimberly R. Cameron, Butler City 4-2
  21. Terrance Berry, Butler City 5
  22. Louise LeLove, Butler City 5
  23. Matthew T. McCune, Butler Twp 1-1
  24. Kathleen Known, Butler Twp 1-1
  25. John Wright, Butler Twp 2
  26. Andrea Hutchens, Butler Twp 2
  27. Peter Kyne III, Butler Twp 3
  28. Caroline Kyne, Butler Twp 3
  29. Ryan B. Martin, Butler Twp 4
  30. Nicole Collins, Butler Twp 4
  31. Nicholas Jones, Butler Twp 5
  32. Vicki Kellerman, Butler Twp 5
  33. Bob Craig, Butler Twp 6 South
  34. Joan Craig, Butler Twp 6 South
  35. Thomas C. Harmon, Callery Borough
  36. Tina Irwin, Callery Borough
  37. Erik Hulick, Center Twp 1
  38. Kylie Hulick, Center Twp 1
  39. Thomas G. Davidson, Center Twp 2
  40. Amy Knauer, Center Twp 2
  41. Michael S. Chopp, Center Twp 3
  42. Brandy Kight, Center Twp 3
  43. Dean Summerville, Cherry Twp
  44. James Fallecker, Chicora Borough
  45. Cindy Hildebrand, Chicora Borough
  46. Eugene Marcink, Jr. Clay Twp
  47. Deborah L. Smith, Clay Twp
  48. Charlie Johnson, Clearfield Twp
  49. Kim Walker, Clearfield Twp
  50. Barbara Cornetti, Clinton Twp
  51. Matthew Cornetti, Clinton Twp
  52. Tess Walko, Connoquennessing Borough
  53. Frederick W. Hensel, Connoquennessing Township
  54. Donna M. Hensel, Connoquennessing Township
  55. Sherry Maudie, Cranberry Twp East 1
  56. Gary T. Vanasdale, Cranberry Twp East 2
  57. Elizabeth Kolar, Cranberry Twp East 2
  58. Jamie Inferra, Cranberry Twp West 1
  59. Bruce Mazzoni, Cranberry Twp West 3
  60. Karen Newpol, Cranberry Twp West 3
  61. Chester Jack, Cranberry Twp West 6
  62. Denise Etter, Cranberry Twp West 6
  63. James R. Bazzy, Cranberry Twp East 3
  64. Tracy Bazzy, Cranberry Twp East 3
  65. Daniel Tobin, Cranberry Twp. West 4
  66. Cynthia Stratigos, Cranberry Twp West 4
  67. Zach Scherer, Donegal Twp
  68. Donna Scherer, Donegal Twp
  69. Steven R. Crawford, East Butler Borough
  70. Lori Mail, East Butler Borough
  71. Richard A. McGown, Evans City Borough
  72. Sharlynn S. Zeman, Evans City Borough
  73. Gregory Crawford, Fairview Twp
  74. James L. Wahl, Sr., Forward Twp
  75. Pamela D. Smith, Forward Twp
  76. Gary Shields, Franklin Twp
  77. Cheryl Shields, Franklin Twp
  78. James Hulings, Harmony Borough
  79. Barbara Hulings, Harmony Borough
  80. Matthew Gregor, Jackson Twp
  81. Dianne Gregor, Jackson Twp
  82. Matthew S. Paroli, Jefferson Twp 1
  83. Rachel Paroli, Jefferson Twp 1
  84. Darryl Tabacchi, Jefferson Twp 2
  85. Denise Tabacchi, Jefferson Twp 2
  86. John A. Kovacic, Jr. Lancaster Twp
  87. Patricia Stirling, Lancaster Twp
  88. Michael McFadden, Marion Twp
  89. Kathy Dillaman, Marion Twp
  90. Eric Pomeroy, Mars Borough
  91. Renea Pomeroy, Mars Borough
  92. Noah Fedor, Mercer Twp
  93. Faith Fedor, Mercer Twp
  94. Jim Powers, Middlesex Twp North
  95. Taylor Kennedy, Middlesex Twp North
  96. Roy C. Kurtzrock, Middlesex Twp South
  97. Judith M. Kurtzrock, Middlesex Twp South
  98. James R. Reich, Muddycreek Twp
  99. Michelle Reich, Muddycreek Twp
  100. Ryan Covert, Oakland Twp
  101. Deborah Horstman, Oakland Twp
  102. Willard Burns, Penn Twp East
  103. Colleen Sahli, Penn Twp East
  104. Erik Edward, Penn Twp West
  105. Edie Rath, Penn Twp West
  106. Timothy B. Hensel, Prospect Borough
  107. Cheryl Guenther, Prospect Borough
  108. Michelle Rossman, Seven Fields Borough
  109. Jondavid Longo, Slippery Rock Borough
  110. Kristen Vargo, Slippery Rock Borough
  111. James Pasqualini, Slippery Rock Township
  112. Russell C. Scott, Summit South
  113. Megan Gorby (Benson), Summit South
  114. Michael Freeze, Summit Twp North
  115. Suzanne Remold-Freeze, Summit Twp North
  116. Kyle Davidson, West Sunbury Borough
  117. Corey V. Check, Winfield Twp
  118. Rosan Bliss, Winfield Twp
  119. Alan Green, Worth Twp
  120. Lisa A. Lema, Worth Twp
  121. John R. McMillin, Jr., Zelienople Borough 1
  122. Nancy Staible, Zelienople Borough 1
  123. Bruce E. Knoechel, Zelienople Borough 2
  124. Janet Maharg, Zelienople Borough 2
  125. John Petrus, Zelienople Borough 3
  126. Mary Kaye Soriano, Zelienople Borough 3

State Committee Members:

  1. Tom Breth
  2. Donna Hensel
  3. Ben Holland
  4. Chet Jack
  5. Ryan Martin
  6. Marci Mustello
  7. Michelle Mustello
  8. Gary Vanasdale

Gary Vanasdale, Chair

The Chair shall be the head of the Butler County Republican Committee. He or she shall preside at all meetings of the County Committee and/or Executive Committee. Additionally, the Chair shall appoint ad-hoc committees or non-voting special advisory positions as needed in his or her sole discretion.

Chet Jack, Internal Vice Chair

The Internal Vice Chair shall attend Executive Committee meetings as a voting member, assist the Chair with personnel and recruitment, provide liaison and communications with the District Chairs. The Internal Vice Chair shall preside over Committee meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Terri Fuellgraf, External Vice Chair

External Vice Chair. The External Vice Chair shall attend Executive Committee meetings
as a voting member and assist the Chair with organizing events and rallies in support of Republican candidates for office.

Fred Hensel, Secretary

It shall be the duty of the Secretary elected to keep full minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the County Committee, the Executive Committee, and other meetings as may be directed. Such minutes shall be in a permanent form and passed on to his or her successor or the County Chair at the expiration of the term of his or her office. The Secretary shall have charge of the books, rolls, and papers of the Committee and shall conduct the correspondence and perform such other duties as the Executive Committee may direct. The Secretary shall circulate meeting agendas to Committee Members in advance of the Executive Committee meetings.

Donna Hensel, CPA, Treasurer

he Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Committee by keeping systematic records of all money received and paid out in books and/or computer-finance programs and kept for that purpose and file all reports required by law. All transactions are to be in accordance with Article XIV. The Treasurer shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.